Maxopto offers finishing and processing of Laser and Optics components, optical components assembly, precision cutting services and Coating.

Shimadzu UV-3600i Plus UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer

  • Measurement range of 185 – 3,300 nm achieved through double monochromators and three detectors to cover the UV, Visible and near-IR regions with high efficiency.

  • Solid sample reflectance measurement with the Integrating Sphere and/or the optional large sample compartment

  • Large sample compartment for large solid samples and variable angle measurement accessories available

  • Advanced software add-ons for Film Thickness Measurement, Color Measurement, UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) Calculation and Daylight Transmission Measurement

  • Varian Cary 660 FTIR Spectrophotometer

  • For testing reflection/transmission % of coatings and materials.

  • Scan range from 1.67 – 44.44μm.

  • ZYGO Verifire XPZ Interferometer System

  • Provides fast, low uncertainty form and transmitted wave front measurements of flat and spherical surfaces accurate to 1/20 waves.

  • ZYGO’s MetroX software offers a wide range of operational features and data analysis tools for unmatched measurement capability and reporting.

  • PrismMaster

  • High speed electronic autocollimator with ultra precise motorized rotation.

  • Fully automatic angular measurements on prisms, beamsplitter cubes and polygons.

  • Accuracy of +/- 3 arcsecs.