Maxopto offers finishing and processing of Laser and Optics components, optical components assembly, precision cutting services and Coating.


Maxopto offers precision dicing services on customer-supplied materials, substrates and components. Our cutting technology incorporates vision alignment systems and high-resolution closed loop linear positioning encoders.We can cut to high tolerances and offer an express service to the micro electronics and optical industry.

Materials & Components: Coated filters,Ceramics & alumina,Fused silica & quartz,Optical glasses,Borosilicate,Sodalime glass,Sapphire,Germanium,Silicon,Colour glass filters,Small diameter rods

Dicing Capabilities: Saws are fully CNC programmable,Full cut through, scribed, bevelled and trenching, edges polished,Thicknesses cut from 100 microns to 6mm,Dicing tolerance to 10 microns,Material/component size up to 300mm dia – 200mm square,Kerf/blade material loss: 100-300 microns

Glass Polishing & Lapping

Maxopto can accommodate a range of specialist precision glass polishing and lapping requirements, large or small. We offer the latest technologies in double-sided planetary polishing. If a laser-quality finish is required, our single-sided machines can polish up to lambda 10 flatness. We can also polish the edges of windows and squares. Windows, plates and substrates are routinely processed in batch runs at competitive rates. A large proportion of our contract polishing and lapping work is carried out to customer-supplied materials.

Materials & Components: Materials suitable for polishing include optical glass, fused quartz, fused silica, borosilicate, float glass, filter glass, silicon, germanium and more.

Double-sided planetary polishing

  • Dimensions 3mm dia to 300mm dia
  • Thickness 0.5mm to 25mm (tolerance to ± 0.01)
  • Flatness To 1 lambda
  • Parallelism To <10 arc seconds
  • Surface quality 10/5, 20/10, 40/20, 60/40
  • For sizes over 300mm dia we use our range of single-sided machines, polishing up to 500mm dia.

  • Optical Coatings

    Maxopto coating service provides a broad range of coating options that are applied to our range of optical components and glasses. The range of coatings available includes the UV to IR region.

    Anti reflection coatings

    Anti reflection coatings are used to improve the transmission of the transmitted light and improve the contrast of the image. An uncoated glass surface has surface reflection of approximately 4% per surface, AR coating will reduce this to as low as 0.20%.

  • Single layer MgF2 R= < 1.5% per side
  • Multi layer R= < 0.5%
  • V Coat R= < 0.25% @ specified wavelength
  • Dual wavelength (eg. 532nm + 633nm)
  • AR coatings for the UV (eg. 254nm) and IR (eg. 1064nm).


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